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Here’s a sampling of questions I have answered for my clients:


— “Should I accept the promotion even though I have to move clear across the country?”

— “Am I better off investing in a business coach or putting my money into FaceBook ads?”

— “Our new Marketing Director asked me out for drinks – is that a good idea?”

— “I quit my job to turn my side hustle into a business and now I’m freaking out – what is my next right action?”

— “I am fighting with my siblings over my mom’s inheritance – what is my best course of action to make sure I get what’s due to me and still have a relationship with my family afterwards?”

— “I just found out that my husband is cheating on me – is my marriage even salvageable?”

—  “I’m so lost with all this online business advice I’m consuming – what will REALLY move the needle for me?”

—  “My partner and I keep breaking up and getting back together – how do we get out of this vicious cycle? Or can we?”

—  “My life looks perfect from the outside, but I feel like I’m just going through the motions… help?



“What’s Going On?” Tarot Session:

30 Minutes –  $77

My “shortest” offering: Enough time to “get to  know Karin” for the first time or if you are an existing client, for a quick check-in if you have questions about anything that is happening in your life right now.

In 30 minutes I can answer several specific questions (I work fast!) or dive into one larger topic. We’ll primarily be using the Tarot (rarely involves astrology or Human Design).




“What’s going on and why?” Tarot Session:

+ Astrology, Human Design

45 Minutes – $111 

60 Minutes – $144

In these longer sessions we’ll use the Tarot as a “barometer” of what’s happening now in your life.

How? What? Why? Where is this going? What’s my next right action?

We’ll also use the images on the cards as a tool to access messages from your unconscious. “Blind Spot Surgery” so to speak. What is it that you’re not seeing? What do you need to pay attention to?

We’ll have an Archetypal Conversation.

Are you the Strategist (Capricorn)with the soul of the Healer (Pisces) wearing the mask of the Networker (Gemini)?

Or the Rebel (Aquarius) with the soul of the Nurturer (Cancer) that comes across to the world as the Phoenix (Scorpio)?

I’ll have your astrology and Human Design charts printed out so we can get an idea of the “cast of characters” you have to work with and what current transits are impacting your experience.


  • Uranus just transited your Ascendant? You probably feel like you need to “break free” and get rid of whatever restrains your true self-expression.
  • Saturn opposite Mars in your birth chart? That pits the God of Action (and war…) against tradition and structure and doing things by the book – not an easy aspect to reconcile…
  • You’re a 3/5 profile in Human Design? With Sacral Authority? You’re all about the “throw Spaghetti against the wall and see what sticks” approach … and might get ridiculed for trying so many things, but that is exactly what you need to do to find your “thing”, so no need to beat yourself up over it. Trust your Sacral Authority (your gut), which will always give you an accurate embodied response.


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Confidentiality and what’s my ethical framework? 

My intention for all my clients is to provide information that will empower them to make the best choice(s) possible. To take the best action for all involved (or take no action at all – that happens too!) to move them forward on their path towards a life that is happy and meaningful and has them express their highest potential.

Also, anything you tell me is CONFIDENTIAL and will not be repeated outside of our communication. Unless you tell me that you are intending to physically harm yourself or someone else, in which case I will try to get you the professional support you need to find a different solution.

Please note that I am not okay with taking away another person’s free will or hurting others energetically or physically – definitely no “sticking pins” into anything or anyone! If that is how you roll, I am not your reader.


Are there questions that are off-limits?

I will NOT answer legal or health-related questions (“will I win my court case?” or “do I have _______(fill in terrible disease)?”.  These issues are best left to a lawyer or a doctor.

Although you CAN absolutely ask what you can do (or stop doing) to get through a health or legal challenge in the most effective way possible.

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