Hi all,

In case you hadn’t noticed, I don’t have this whole “content creation” thing worked out perfectly.

Yet (hahaha)!


Like most slightly overwhelmed online creators I post on several platforms, trying to figure out what works.

So to put my stuff all in one place, here we go.


To sign up for my NEWSLETTER, please use the form on this page.

My list is super small, which I am actually ok with. Why? Because I want to connect with the people who will really benefit from what I have to offer.

Rather than straight up “freebie hunters” that will only sign up for the sake of the pdf or whatever they’ll get out of it.

Not that I am so “holier than though” – I totally have been guilty of doing that… but I think me wanting to create a really intentional list will work out better for everyone involved (I’m a 2/4 profile in Human Design, so a small intimate network is my jam).


So when I want to try out a Mandala class or a zoom call on eclipse astrology I’ll only offer participation to the folks on this list.


I also have a YOUTUBE channel here:

Here’s my INSTAGRAM account:

and my (neglected) private FACEBOOK group:

And of course, you can always reach me at with any questions or feedback.


Thanks for coming along for the ride!