Join me for a (free) “Tarot Office Hour” on Black Friday

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Hello, hello!

Are you curious about the Tarot?

Maybe you have a deck but aren’t sure how to use it?

Or you don’t have a deck but are curious how it all works?

Join me on Friday, November 24th at 10 am PST when I’m hosting what I’m loosely calling

“Tarot Office Hours”.

Bring a Tarot deck or bring a question or both and let’s hang out?

I’ll be both teaching about the Tarot and answering personal questions (one question per person).



P.S. Fair warning – I’m not doing any planning beforehand for this, just showing up and responding in the moment (as I should as a Human Design Generator, hahaha!).


Cards that came up for me during our last Tarot Coloring Group session below – see that first one, people gathering around a fire while being watched over by their ancestors (constellations above)? That’s what we’re going for!

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