Astrology: McCarthy, Trump + heads up this week when Mars and Pluto clash

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Three updates:


Back in January I posted a video on YouTube about the painful-to-watch rejection and eventual election of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House (link below)

At the time Mars – aggression, taking action, getting it done – was retrograde (weakened and turned inward) in the sign of Gemini (speaking!) and was conjunct his ascendant (how the world sees him). Weakened, vacillating, NOT taking a stand for even the weakest of principles.

He was eventually confirmed, but not before agreeing to a deal that left him with no real autonomy to govern his fellow 220 party members effectively.

I also pointed out that he was heading for his second Saturn Return – happening now for him – which is in Pisces. Saturn rules structure, systems, rules, authority, bones (the spine!) and Saturn is very uncomfortable in watery, spiritual, undefined Pisces. (Side note – Saturn in Pisces isn’t inherently a bad thing! McCarthy’s just screams “squishy backbone” to me…).

At the time I said “I give him 6 months” – it’s been 9 months, but he’s done.


Trump’s court date for election interference has been set for March 4, 2023.


Ben Franklin, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson were all students of astrology.

And they deliberately set up a very beneficial aspect called a Grand Trine for the birth of the United States and the administrations of future presidents.

Here’s what they did:

On July 4th, the Sun is located at 13 degrees Cancer.

The Constitution specifies that we go to the polls to vote on the first Tuesday in November. When the Sun is located between 9 and 14 degrees Scorpio.

That’s called a Trine, a beneficial, supportive aspect in astrology.

And they set the date for the new president’s inauguration for the day when the Sun is at 13 Pisces, setting up a Grand Trine (call that a “triple good”, closed circuit of positive energy).

The Sun is at 13 Pisces on … wait for it: March 4th.

Sadly FDR, not being an astrologer, changed that in 1933 because he didn’t want a 4-month lame duck period for the outgoing government.

Not a good move, Mr. Roosevelt…

What does that mean for Trump that the trial starts on such a “connected” day?

Apart from the fact that his rhetoric has grown increasingly violent as his multiple days in court get closer, the January 6th charge is by far the most serious.

Looking at what’s impacting him on the day the trial starts, here’s one interesting aspect:

The asteroid Achilles at 25 degrees Cancer is conjunct – “setting off” – the planets Venus, Saturn and the asteroid Karma in his chart. Indicating that a woman (Venus) will have a hand in exposing his weakness (Achilles) when it comes to abiding by the rules (Saturn, Karma).

Judge Tanya Chutkan? Cassidy Hutchinson? Ivanka trying to save herself?

When the constitution was signed on July 4, 1776 it was a document envisioning a world of free (and happy) white men. Trump was/is simply the catalyst exposing all that’s missing and excluded in that world view.

When his trial starts on March 4th next year – reconnecting us with the original grand trine energy – I am hopeful that we have hit “rock bottom” enough that it can mark a turning point towards reinventing a society where life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness truly is the birthright of all. We’ll see.


Pluto energy impacting you:

Today, Saturday October 7th, Mars and Pluto are squaring each other.

The planet of action, aggression and war is in conflict with the Lord of Power (who owns it? who has it? who earned it?).

I’d call that aspect “accessing suppressed rage”.

This can show up very evolved as in “we need to have a conversation, this arrangement/relationship/job situation is no longer working for me.”

Or it can show up as a violent eruption, someone finally having enough and exploding.

Moral of the story: If there is conflict brewing in your life, be very cognizant that there is a lot of tension in the air at the moment. For all of us.

So tread cautiously, but do tread.

What’s been brewing under the surface wants to come out to be resolved. If you don’t feel up to the task, find a mediator, a therapist, a third party to help get the shitty stuff out in the open safely.

Final note – because apparently there isn’t enough tension going on (!!): Pluto will turn from retrograde to direct next Wednesday (10/11) which adds a whole other level of intensity…

Your assignment for the next week: Stay safe while mediating conflict and – if you choose – dive deeply into processing your own motivations, your relationship with power (your own and those who have power over you) by writing, drawing, exercising, meditating about these topics.

You even might want to pull a Tarot card or two, asking “what is my relationship with power in X situation?” and “for the highest good of all, how do I proceed?”. And journal about that?

Be willing to meet Pluto, who not only is the Lord of Power, but also the Lord of Transformation (the ultimate form of power).



YouTube video – McCarthy

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