Hi, I’m Karin. I’m an idealist, a question-asker, a lifelong pursuer of what’s beyond the horizon line.

I am also a woman who is deeply certain that Joseph Campbell was right when he said: “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”

I was born in Germany, but have lived half my life here in the US before picking up in late 2012 and moving to Australia for three years, where I studied transpersonal art therapy.

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with finding out what makes us “tick” and how we can embody our full potential as human beings.


What if we could let go of all the less-than-supportive patterns we picked up in our childhoods? The beliefs we hold true because someone made an offhanded comment (“You’ll never amount to anything” or “Good thing you’re funny because your sister is the pretty one in the family“).

And 25 years later we are still letting someone else’s judgment affect our daily experience?

Or worse – What if all that negativity was set on “auto-pilot” when we were seven years old and we’re not even aware that we are buying into that stuff? Letting it run our lives?

I am currently refining a process of working with groups and/or individuals to address and release these patterns, a process that incorporates:

  • The archetypal patterns reflected in the Tarot
  • The stories and myths that are written in our astrology chart, that serve as sign posts on our journey 
  • The healing power of intentional art making as demonstrated in the practice of art therapy

I believe the journey inward is what allows us “the privilege of a lifetime” that JC referred to. Doing the work – making friends with our demons, getting to know our fears, forgiving those we thought had wronged us – is the most worthwhile process we can engage in. Becoming whole is the privilege of a lifetime.