Work with me for soul growth

and real-world problem solving.

I use my training as art therapist and my 20+ years of experience working with the power of images (Tarot, art-making) and myth (astrology) to help my clients become aware of unconscious patterns that are sabotaging their day-to-day lives.

Together we explore practical solutions that address these obstacles and shift the power back where it belongs: To the person I’m working with.

Whether asking about their soul purpose or about quitting that dead-end-job, my clients walk away with an answer to this question:

“What is my next right action?”


What if the answers to your questions were available all around you, but shown to you in a language that you were never taught? Patterns, metaphors, archetypes, an energetic system that fluidly mirrors back to you where you are at any given moment?

Enter the Tarot, a visual key that reflects these messages in such a way that they can be understood and interpreted to provide answers.

Answers about

  • Relationships: With spouses, lovers, bosses, co-workers, family members – what stands in the way of making it work?
  • Career: Your job, your business, your vocation – should you keep climbing the corporate ladder or take the leap of faith and go into business for yourself? What do you need to feel successful and fulfilled?
  • Prosperity: What is your biggest money block? Why are you having trouble paying the rent this month (again) and what can you do about it?
  • Home: What do you need to feel “at home”? Should you buy that house, move across town or across the country?
  • Growth & Transformation (everything else!)